Brain Crack Level 116-140

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Brain Crack Game Level 116-140

Level 116: Find the correct shadow!
– The last one

Level 117: What is the first thing you do when you get up?
– Click on him

Level 118: Collect the hats!
– Correct the hats

Level 119: Which logo is it?
– Starbucks

Level 120: Who is rich?
– Tap the phones

Level 121: Connect each pairs!
– Make them match

Level 122: Turn on the light!
– Find the lights

Level 123: Put out the fire!
– Click on the axe

Level 124: Match each pairs!
– Match each pair

Level 125: Connect each pairs!
– connect each pair

Level 126: Defuse the bomb!
– take the battery out

Level 127: is this a man or a woman?
– Remove all the things – Man

Level 128: Help him out!
– Answer is 1024

Level 129: Find the hidden objects!
– Find the hidden objects

Level 130: Who is in a hurry?
– Answer is A

Level 131: Escape the room with the key!
– Find the key and get out of here

Level 132: Open the safe!
– Find the key

Level 133: Match each pairs!
– Match each pair

Level 134: Find the “shark”!
– Find the shark

Level 135: Who stole her phone?
– The first one

Level 136: Which logo is it?
– Jaguar

Level 137: Check your eyesight.
– Click on the right one

Level 138: Connect each pairs!
– Connect each one

Level 139: Who is lying?
– The red man

Level 140: Which country is it?
– The last one