Brain Crack Level 101-115

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Brain Crack Game Level 101-115

Level 101: Which one is the most important for superman?
– Tap them all

Level 102: Pull the chest-expander.
– Pull them from each other

Level 103: How many french fries in the bag?
– Answer is 4

Level 104: I need two napkins please!
– Find the other paper

Level 105: Where is my phone?
– Shake your Phone

Level 106: Tap the button 20 times then click OK.
– Tap it 20 times then tap ok

Level 107: Boil the water.
– Tap number 2, then make the fire.

Level 108: How to heat up a pizza without oven?
– Use the first one

Level 109: Please watering the land!
– Put all the clouds together

Level 110: Turn on the fan!
– Press the red button

Level 111: How to eat the mango without opening the lid?
– Make the mango out

Level 112: Match each pairs!
– Match the cards

Level 113: What is odd here?
– The phone

Level 114: Which logo is it?
– Twitter logo

Level 115: Who has a date?
– Tap the phone